Summer Festival and last few days in Japan……

Summer started here, in Japan, with a `Bang`, quite literally! It started on the 1st day of August every year with a huge firework show, and the biggest in Japan is in Tondabayashi, east part of Sayama city. I watched the fireworks show from the hospital area together with all the patients that the doctors and nurses dragged out from the wards 🙂 Unfortunately my camera was a cheap one, so the quality of the pictures were not good. Nevertheless, I got the chance to go and see for myself a summer festival event at one of the village in Tondabayashi. It was made possible by the excellent hospitality shown by my Japanese teacher (although i have  quit her class, susah ma….), Mrs. Kakimoto. We went there with her mother and Mrs. Kakimoto also joined the show!


The entrance into the summer festival event - it says `Welcome doktoraji` 🙂


This stage was the centre of attraction - the singer is singing old traditional summer Japanese songs....


...while the people of different ages and sizes danced around it in their traditional summer Kimono dresses


Old, young, men and women dancing the traditional Japanese dance with their own group and style of its own


Another group of veterans....


Not forgetting the children.....behind the mother with baby is Mrs. Kakimoto, joining the parteyy!


There were a lot of stalls selling foods - here is how Takiyaki are being made - truely Japanese style

Summer is hot and dry here. The temperature has been constantly high up to 34-36 celcius for the past few weeks. Surprisingly, last two days have been raining… has been raining all over Japan, in what suppose to be the peak of summer. I think she knows that i am leaving her tomorrow….as the song goes `Don`t cry for me Japan….` 🙂
Anyhow, the last few days here have been eventful. The department has organized one farewell dinner and the endoscopy team had also organized a night out at a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Summer is when we could find stalls selling grapes by the road side - lots of them!


I told you it was raining didn`t I - no, not in Congo, Africa - Kongo - the nearest big train station.


Farewell dinner with the endoscopy teamWith Prof. Hiroshi Kashida outside the restaurant


The gifts from the Prof. Kashida, Dr. Matsui and the endoscopy team. Thanks!


The farewell dinner with the department, Prof. Kudo awarding me the certificate, some mementos and stipend. We ate `changkong` - a food eaten by Sumo wrestler.


Had to give my appreciation and gratitude speech


The memento from Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medicine, Kinki University School of Medicine.

It has been an `experience` the last three months. Thank you to JSGE for this opportunity. Thank you to Prof. Kudo and his team for the hospitality and accepting me as a guest. Thank you to all of you that prayed for me here. And thank you the most to my beloved wife and children, without their sacrifices and patientce I will not be able to go on this adventure.
The next adventure……..Adelaide? Melbourne? Sydney? or just Singapore? Just wait and see….. 😉

About doktoraji

A medical doctor by profession, a muslim dai'e for life......

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  1. Sempat lagi update blog. 🙂
    japan very sad becoz you quit the language class…he he
    we’ll see you at the airport, insya Allah!

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